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Home Lighting & Wipers

Visibility is extremely important while driving. The wiper system provides you with clear visibility by removing excessive snow, water, or dirt from accumulating on the windshield of your car or truck. If your current wipers are not wiping well or leaving streaks, change them immediately. The lighting system is used to provide visibility for driving at night, dashboard instrument visibility, interior lighting, and alerting other drivers of your intention to turn, stop, or of emergency situations.

The components of the lighting and wiper systems regularly need replacement due to a variety of reasons, including operating conditions, frequency of use or the material used to make the light or wiper system's components. The lighting or wiper systems may be having problems if you notice the wipers chattering or streaking during use, a signal light rapidly blinking, or your lights dimming.

At RAC, we replace damaged & fused bulbs for head lamps, tail lamps, fender lamps, interior cabin lights and fog lights. We can also provide you blue-line bulbs, per RTA specification. We replace Wipers and top-off Wiper washer fluid.